Amplibiz’s Impact on CloudSoft’s Cloud Computing Solutions

Amplibiz’s Impact on CloudSoft’s Cloud Computing Solutions

Client Background:

CloudSoft, a leading SaaS company specializing in Cloud Computing Solutions, faced unique challenges when they sought the expertise of Amplibiz for marketing and sales optimization. At the outset of their partnership, CloudSoft heavily relied on inbound leads, and their co-founders were handling both sales and marketing efforts. However, they needed to refine their target audience, generate more discovery calls, and meet ambitious growth targets to expand their team with dedicated sales representatives.

Amplibiz’s Solutions:

Amplibiz, a renowned marketing and sales consultancy, took on the challenge of helping CloudSoft revamp their outreach strategies. They started by building a comprehensive Total Addressable Market, focusing on smaller and medium-sized companies and targeting key HR titles, as well as VP and Head of other departments. To support this effort, Amplibiz created a tailored sales playbook, providing CloudSoft with actionable insights and strategies for each specific industry and buyer persona.

Key Results from the First 9 Months:

Meetings Booked Total: Amplibiz’s strategic efforts led to an impressive total of 162 discovery meetings booked within the first 7 months.

2X Meeting Rate After 7 Months: CloudSoft experienced a doubling of their meeting rate compared to the initial stage, indicating the effectiveness of the refined outreach approach.

Expanded Total Addressable Market: Thanks to Amplibiz’s guidance, CloudSoft successfully expanded their market reach, engaging with 14,751 potential customers during the initial 7-month period.

41 Page Sales Playbook: Amplibiz provided CloudSoft with a comprehensive 41-page sales playbook, empowering their team with valuable insights and customized strategies for each targeted industry and buyer persona.


CloudSoft, a prominent SaaS company in the Cloud Computing Solutions sector, achieved remarkable results in partnership with Amplibiz. By refining their target audience and implementing the insights provided in the tailored sales playbook, CloudSoft experienced a significant increase in discovery meetings. Amplibiz’s strategies not only helped them meet their ambitious growth goals but also laid a strong foundation for business expansion and continued success in the cloud computing market.

Client Profile:

Company Type: SaaS
Company Size: 60 Employees
Product/Service: Cloud Computing Solutions
Target Industries: Multiple industries
Target Departments: Human Resources
Outreach Channels: Email, Social, LinkedIn

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