Amplibiz’s Impact on Intuity’s Managed IT Services Lead Generation

Amplibiz’s Impact on Intuity’s Managed IT Services Lead Generation

Client Background:

Intuity, a reputable Managed IT Services (MSP) company, faced challenges in acquiring new clients and expanding its market reach. Despite offering a wide range of cutting-edge IT solutions, Intuity struggled to generate a consistent stream of high-quality leads. Recognizing the need for a specialized lead generation approach, Intuity sought the expertise of Amplibiz, a renowned marketing and sales consultancy, to revitalize their lead generation strategy.

Amplibiz’s Solutions:

To address Intuity’s lead generation challenges, Amplibiz formulated a tailored approach to attract potential clients actively seeking Managed IT Services. Amplibiz identified key industry sectors and companies that were likely to benefit from Intuity’s solutions, focusing on specific pain points and IT challenges commonly faced by businesses. By utilizing data-driven insights, Amplibiz developed a multi-channel lead generation campaign that encompassed email marketing, content marketing, social media, and targeted advertising.

Furthermore, Amplibiz implemented a lead scoring system to prioritize the most promising prospects. This allowed Intuity’s sales team to focus their efforts on leads with the highest potential for conversion, maximizing their efficiency and closing rates.

Key Results from the First 9 Months:

400+ Qualified Leads Generated: Amplibiz’s strategic and data-driven approach resulted in the generation of over 400 highly targeted and qualified leads for Intuity’s Managed IT Services.

30% Increase in Conversion Rate: By focusing on qualified prospects and implementing a lead scoring system, Amplibiz achieved a notable 30% increase in the conversion rate from lead to paying customer.

Enhanced Brand Awareness: The multi-channel approach and engaging content marketing efforts not only attracted leads but also significantly boosted Intuity’s brand visibility in the IT services market.

New Market Penetration: Intuity successfully penetrated previously untapped markets and industries, expanding its client base beyond its traditional target audience.


Amplibiz’s impact on Intuity’s Managed IT Services (MSP) lead generation strategy proved to be a game-changer for the company. By leveraging data-driven insights, targeted marketing efforts, and a lead scoring system, Amplibiz generated a substantial number of high-quality leads. The strategic approach resulted in an improved conversion rate and enabled Intuity to establish a stronger market presence while reaching new industries and sectors.

This case study highlights the effectiveness of Amplibiz’s solutions in optimizing lead generation for MSP companies. By tailoring the approach to Intuity’s specific services and target audience, Amplibiz showcased its ability to drive significant growth and revenue for its clients in the IT industry. As a result, Intuity solidified its position as a leading Managed IT Services provider, securing a competitive advantage in the dynamic and fast-paced technology market.

Client Profile:

Company Type: IT Services and IT Consulting
Company Size: 40 Employees
Product/Service: IT Solution MSPs
Target Industries: Multiple industries
Target Audience: IT Managers, CIOs, CSOs, CFOs
Outreach Channels: Email, Social, LinkedIn, Cold Calling

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