Amplibiz’s Impact on Nubessom’s B2B Lead Generation Strategy

Amplibiz’s Impact on Nubessom’s B2B Lead Generation Strategy

Client Background:

Nubessom, a prominent IT solutions provider known for its innovative approach to solving complex IT challenges, faced difficulties in converting B2B leads and expanding its customer base. Despite offering cutting-edge solutions, Nubessom recognized the need for a more strategic B2B lead generation approach to drive revenue growth and establish themselves as a premier B2B IT solution provider in the highly competitive tech industry.

Amplibiz’s Solutions:

To address Nubessom’s challenges, Amplibiz, a renowned marketing and sales consultancy, was engaged to optimize their B2B lead generation process. Amplibiz devised a targeted approach, focusing on Nubessom’s existing leads. By leveraging Nubessom’s extensive database, Amplibiz aimed to identify and reach out to potential new customers within the pool of existing leads. This strategic approach aimed to reduce the cost per lead (CPL) and maximize the value of their current resources. Additionally, since these leads were already familiar with Nubessom, the conversion process was expedited, resulting in a more efficient sales pipeline.

Key Results from the First 9 Months:

560 Leads Attracted: Amplibiz’s strategic efforts resulted in the attraction of 560 high-quality leads for Nubessom.

200+ Increase in Marketing Qualified Leads (MQLs): Amplibiz’s targeted approach led to an impressive increase in MQLs, achieving a remarkable 45.8% conversion rate.

Improved Sales Performance: Nubessom’s sales professionals experienced enhanced performance due to the focus on high-quality leads, resulting in a higher rate of conversions and an optimized sales process.

Strengthened Market Presence: With the strategic B2B lead generation approach, Nubessom solidified its position as a premier B2B IT solution provider, enhancing its market presence and reputation in the tech industry.


Amplibiz’s impact on Nubessom’s B2B lead generation strategy was highly successful. By employing a targeted approach that leveraged existing leads, Amplibiz successfully attracted high-quality leads and significantly increased MQLs. The streamlined sales process and improved sales performance further reinforced Nubessom’s position in the competitive tech landscape. This case study highlights the effectiveness of Amplibiz’s solutions in optimizing B2B lead generation and driving revenue growth for their clients, making them stand out as a valuable marketing and sales consultancy.

Client Profile:

Company Type: IT Solutions
Company Size: 19 Employees
Product/Service: IT Solution Services
Target Industries: Multiple industries
Target Audience: IT Managers, CIOs, CSOs, CFOs
Outreach Channels: Email, Social, LinkedIn, Cold Calling

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