Telesense’s Collaboration with Amplibiz in Enhancing Agricultural IoT Solutions

Telesense’s Collaboration with Amplibiz in Enhancing Agricultural IoT Solutions

Client Background:

Telesense, a pioneering company in the field of Agricultural Internet of Things (IoT) solutions, faced distinct challenges as they looked to amplify their market presence and drive sales growth. With a focus on providing real-time environmental monitoring solutions for preserving the quality of stored grains, Telesense partnered with Amplibiz to optimize their marketing and sales strategies. At the onset, Telesense relied on traditional industry networks and limited digital outreach to reach potential customers.

Amplibiz’s Solutions:

Amplibiz, a renowned marketing and sales consultancy, took on the challenge of helping Telesense transform their approach to customer acquisition. They initiated the process by conducting a thorough market analysis and identifying potential segments within the agriculture industry that could benefit most from Telesense’s solutions. Amplibiz then crafted a comprehensive marketing plan that included digital channels like targeted online advertisements and strategic social media engagement to increase Telesense’s brand visibility.

Key Results from the First 9 Months:

Leads Generated: Amplibiz’s strategic efforts yielded a total of 85 high-quality leads within the first 9 months of collaboration.

3.5X Increase in Conversion Rate: Telesense experienced a remarkable 3.5 times increase in their lead-to-customer conversion rate compared to previous periods, showcasing the effectiveness of the refined sales approach.

Expanded Industry Reach: With Amplibiz’s guidance, Telesense successfully expanded their reach to engage with various stakeholders in the agriculture industry, including farmers, distributors, and storage facility managers.

Customized Marketing Blueprint: Amplibiz provided Telesense with a tailored marketing blueprint that outlined specific strategies for reaching different customer segments, complete with content recommendations and engagement tactics.


Telesense, a trailblazing provider of Agricultural IoT solutions, achieved substantial growth in collaboration with Amplibiz. By harnessing the power of data-driven marketing strategies and expanding their outreach channels, Telesense witnessed a significant increase in high-quality leads and improved lead conversion rates. Amplibiz’s expertise not only assisted Telesense in achieving their sales targets but also laid the groundwork for sustained success and innovation in the field of Agricultural IoT solutions.

Client Profile:

Company Type: Agricultural Technology (AgTech)
Company Size: 30 Employees
Product/Service: Agricultural IoT Solutions for Grain Storage Monitoring
Target Audience: Farmers, Distributors, Storage Facility Managers
Outreach Channels: Email, Social, LinkedIn, Cold Calling

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