Transforming B-works’ B2B Lead Generation Strategy with Amplibiz.

Transforming B-works’ B2B Lead Generation Strategy with Amplibiz.

Client Background:

B-works, a prominent web design and development firm, faced the challenge of igniting their growth through robust B2B lead generation. Seeking expertise, they engaged Amplibiz, a renowned marketing and sales consultancy. This case study unfolds the successful transformation of B-works’ B2B lead generation strategy by Amplibiz, yielding exceptional outcomes.

Key Achievements in the B2B Lead Generation Campaign

Attracted 380 High-Quality Leads: Amplibiz’s strategic endeavors bore fruit, drawing in a staggering 380 high-quality leads for B-works, fortifying their sales pipeline.

Significant Conversion Increase: Amplibiz’s targeted approach led to a remarkable surge in conversions, indicating a substantial enhancement in lead quality.

Elevated Sales Performance: With a laser focus on high-quality leads, B-works’ sales professionals delivered enhanced performance, leading to a more streamlined sales process and improved outcomes.

Reinforced Market Presence: Through this strategic B2B lead generation approach, B-works cemented its status as a premier web design and development service provider. This bolstered market presence and heightened reputation within the web design industry, ultimately boosting brand recognition and credibility.


Amplibiz’s impact on B-works’ B2B lead generation strategy stands as a testament to its resounding success. By tailoring their approach to B-works’ unique needs, Amplibiz not only attracted high-quality leads but also achieved a significant uptick in conversions. The refined sales process and improved sales performance further solidified B-works’ standing in the fiercely competitive web design arena.

This case study underscores Amplibiz’s prowess in optimizing B2B lead generation for web design companies, fostering revenue growth for their clients. Amplibiz’s capacity to comprehend the distinct challenges and objectives of B-works underscores their expertise as a valuable partner in marketing and sales consultancy.

If you represent a web design company aiming to amplify your B2B lead generation endeavors and bolster your market presence, consider collaborating with Amplibiz for tailored and exceptional results.

Client Profile

Company Name: B-works

Type of Company: Software Solution, Web Design

Company Size: 8 Employees

Product/Service Offerings: Business Model Validation, Digital Product Development, Venture Building

Target Industries: Diverse industries

Target Audience: Marketing Directors, Business Owners

Lead Outreach Channels: Email, Social Media, LinkedIn, Cold Calling.

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